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Sinatra Play

Jack Valentine
A new play written and performed by Jack Valentine, 'The Sinatra Files' examines the plight of Frank Sinatra post mortem.

The play is set in 2017, nineteen years after Frank’s demise. Our hero awakes to find himself in Limbo (depicted as a 1950's New York Police Precinct) facing serious charges concerning his earthly conduct. He soon finds out that he is in fact on trial for his life - or rather his soul. Will he go to Heaven, or be found guilty and go to… the other place?

Only the services of Court Appointed Lawyer, 'Jake Cohen' stand between Sinatra and the fiery punishment that almost certainly awaits him. Can Jake get him off?

Sinatra may be saved if it can be proved he was truly sorry for his sins at the time of his death. The problem is, his files, “The Sinatra Files”, being the complete files of a Human Life, recording every word, thought, and deed to be assessed, have inadvertently been lost. As his Lawyer battles desperately to find a loophole to get his client off, only the testimony of a Key Witness on Earth, a crazed die-hard Sinatra fan, can testify to the Singer's innate goodness as revealed through his music. Unfortunately the key witness is still alive, and therefore cannot testify in Heaven. The plot thickens. Will Sinatra be saved, or forever lost?

'The Sinatra Files' is a deliberately thought-provoking, sometimes serious, sometimes humorous examination of not only Sinatra’s life and music (and how he was as a human being) but dares to beg the question of just what constitutes human goodness and whether or not a human being on his own can merit salvation or otherwise.

Currently in casting / rehearsal, the play is due for launch later this year.

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